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Science and mathematics

  • Cube (algebra), "cubic" measurement
  • Cube, a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or sides, with three meeting at each vertex
  • Cubic function (mathematics), an function of degree three (also cubic equation)
  • Cubic form A homogeneous polynomial of degree 3
  • Cubic graph (mathematics - graph theory), a graph where all vertices have degree 3
  • Cubic plane curve (mathematics), a plane algebraic curve C defined by a cubic equation
  • Cubic reciprocity (mathematics - number theory), a theorem analogous to quadratic reciprocity
  • Cubic surface, an algebraic surface in three-dimensional projective space
  • Cubic zirconia (or Cubic zirconium), in geology, a mineral that is widely synthesized for use as a diamond simulacra

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