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Philosophy studies and theorizes the science of mind and ideologies. Prime tools to discuss ideas, incepts and precepts are necessary to the proper development of the underlying concepts of philosophy. Within the field of philosophy are intertwined many concepts that vary from culture to culture. These concepts are the building blocks on which cultures are made. Analyzing and understanding cultures can help from local politics to worldwide human relations. In order to properly get the point across in a multicultural communication, proper definition of concepts must be asserted. The constitution of concepts of philosophy as a mean to properly put meaning on concepts. Western vary grandly from one individual to the next. Mental association between concepts and other meanings can change the outcome of an otherwise successful communication.

Western concepts and eastern concepts are profoundly different. For example as China makes worldwide ascent into world order defined by western nations. Local deviation from localities within China itself and changes in the human psyche that takes several generations. Throughout history as new facts were integrated in the global consciousness. Milleniums have their handful with concepts of philosophy, ideology and other novelties from the 21st century onward that will be hopefully clarified by the advances in AI.
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