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Additional terms

  • Color wheel: an illustrative organization of color hues in a circle that shows relationships.
  • Colorfulness, chroma, purity, or saturation: how "intense" or "concentrated" a color is. Technical definitions distinguish between colorfulness, chroma, and saturation as distinct perceptual attributes and include purity as a physical quantity. These terms, and others related to light and color are internationally agreed upon and published in the CIE Lighting Vocabulary.<ref>CIE Pub. 17-4, International Lighting Vocabulary, 1987.</ref> More readily available texts on colorimetry also define and explain these terms.<ref name="CAM"/><ref>R.S. Berns, Principles of Color Technology, 3rd Ed., Wiley, New York (2001).</ref>
  • Dichromatism: a phenomenon where the hue is dependent on concentration and/or thickness of the absorbing substance.
  • Hue: the color's direction from white, for example in a color wheel or chromaticity diagram.
  • Shade: a color made darker by adding black.
  • Tint: a color made lighter by adding white.
  • Value, brightness, lightness, or luminosity: how light or dark a color is.

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Additional terms
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