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Folio 371r, Johannes Hadlaub

The Codex Manesse, Manesse Codex, or Große Heidelberger Liederhandschrift<ref>Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg Library, Codex Palatinus Germanicus 848</ref> is a Liederhandschrift (medieval songbook), the single most comprehensive source of Middle High German Minnesang poetry, written and illustrated between ca. 1304 when the main part was completed, and ca. 1340 with the addenda.

The codex was produced in Zürich, for the Manesse family.<ref>Koschorreck and Werner 1981 discern no fewer than eleven scribes, some working simultaneously, in the production.</ref>

The manuscript is "the most beautifully illumined German manuscript in centuries;"<ref>Ingeborg Glier, reviewing Koschorreck and Werner 1981 in Speculum 59.1 (January 1984), p 169. The only other contemporary illuminated song book is the Weingartener Liederhandschrift, once thought to have been a model for the Codex Manesse.</ref> its 137 miniatures are a series of "portraits" depicting each poet.

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