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Loopholes, not to be closed, but ironed out into a line You mess with the law for your advantage, you go to jail. Lawyers should go to jail too, for trying to take advantage of the knowledge of laws. China’s model but with a jury pf 10000, technologically backed.

Because a jury can be bought, but 10000 people will be harder.

We need to close our own loopholes otherwise we can’t blame others for exploiting them.

Why did anyone pass a law to protect the truth regarding World War II?

The reality is that the truth and reality did not tango together on the accounts of WWII.

World War II was a massacre, not for Jews who ended up negotiating with the Nazis.

It was a massacre for the kindest and purest. People fighting that war.

No jews fought that war or any war after it. Jews don’t care about their countries, they care about Israel, that they created by law.

Hitler condemned such actions back in 1936. He condemned that France already had taken away the Alsace and Loraine region from Germany by law manipulation.

In 1936, France had 55 percent jews in its parliament. These guys make laws wrong.

Laws are right and need to stay right. Straight, no loops, just a simple rule of law.

It’s a rule because it’s a line, it’s a ruler because it’s straight, it’s the rule. The rule is the rule. That’s the rule.

Nazis won and will always win against the Jews.

These proofs about World War II are not made official. The reason is that the Justice department is totally tied up with laws.

Lawmakers passed laws that officially break up the systems of justice so proofs that prove that the established version of history is a pile of lies are systematically rejected by law.

Any individual who would bring about any truth to what happened during WWII are heavily fined and/or jailed.

Do away with these laws. Replace them with balancing counter laws. Anybody who wants to interfere with justice and its lawmakers should be stripped from citizenship, assets and forced to give future wages above the minimum wage to the government.

President Trump, what a concept.

A concept that makes us look far, a concept that makes look above. A concept that unifies us.

Good Citizens of the world.
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Loopholes, not to be closed, but ironed out into a line