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Mobike Look at Mobike, with its 3 billion dollar valuation IPO in Wallstreet. Could it be American?

It couldn't be American. In Chinese Mobike bicycles are in every major city. They are on pedestrian walks, under rain covers such as Bus stands. When it rains people are getting socked because hoards of bicycles are stacked closely there, you can't find a shelter from the rain that has not been taken over by Mobikes and their competitors, such as OFO. In the street, some Mobike users fall, hit other people, and sometimes injure themselves seriously because of defective, poorly maintained or sabotaged bikes.

Are the Chinese thinking of insurance policies, are they thinking of suing Mobike. No... of course not, it's not part of their culture.

In America, the U.S., Mobike would be already so snowed under lawsuits from:

  1. Cityhall
  2. Mobike Users
  3. People's hit by Mobike bicycles

That it wouldn't be valued at 3 billion dollars. It would be in bankruptcy protection if it made it out as a valuable startup idea.

Chinese fighters will keep doing their so called "dangerous intercepts" until the U.S. Air Force recognizes that the Chinese Air Force stepped up the way intercepts are done.

The U.S. Air Force better adapt. The Chinese are not going to get caught in the rules of western nations. The same rules that alienate western nations from the potential of human beings.

Jacky Chan will keep doing dangerous stunts, Bruce Lee broke arms on set, president Xi Jin Ping will keep saying things that have no effect on facts. That is because these principles, these concepts we take for granted in the west, are just aspects of our culture.

Truth has no teeth in China. Truth only has teeth in the west for the Christians and the jews. And still the Jews are really having two form of it, the one for the gentiles, and the one for other jews.

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