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Human America So for America, for the World, for Humanity. Know the difference between a Trump and a Putin.

Putin look strong, but is he good for humanity? Would you trust him more than you would fear him?

President Xi Jin Ping looks like a gracious grandfather, but would you Trust him? He states the Nanshan South China Sea Islands wouldn't be militarized, yet a few months later they are militarized. Yes maybe things changed politically. Or maybe he was not upfront in the first place this Chinese president.

Trump in the other hand, is very upfront, the media makes fun of him for it. Why? because he holds the Truth, and he shares it.

That's a true believer, and I believe in him. Not only that, I trust him. Why?

Because I relate with the American resident Trump...not with the Russian's or Chinese's.

Make your choice, and judge with your own thoughts.

Share what you think, write to us. It's what people think that matters. People matters.

Mass communication I hope you will chastise.
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