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Chaozz First members of Chaozz started in group UNIT, which was established in 1993. This group had 4 members (Bass, Rusty, Dědek and DJ Skupla). In the same time MC Deph made a solo record. In 1994 group UNIT disbanded and Deph started cooperating with MC Fugaz in a new projeckt called FLAVAMATIC. After a short time these 2 guys united with the group CHAOZZ (Bass, Rusty and DJ Smog). At a few concerts these groups were separated and then they agreed on one name – CHAOZZ (Bass, Deph, Rusty, Fugaz and DJ Smog). Great popularity of Chaozz started after meeting Ivo Pospíšil, who had a shop with records and had contacts in editorship of Polygram. In 1996 they made their first record called „a nastal Chaozz“. After this album they experimented with a Slovak group „No Gravity“ from which the song „Chaozz věci“is well known where they parode commercials. Their popularity was on the top because of hit parade on TV Nova and in radio stations. They are renowned for being the most commercially successful hip-hop project in the Czech Republic. In 2002, after 4 albums, the group took a break. Deph with Skupla founded another group Prago Union and Bass still play as a party DJ and makes his own project Ba2s.

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