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Choi Chang Keun (최창근; 崔昌根; born 1941), widely known as C. K. Choi, is a South Korean master of taekwondo,<ref name="CKChoi">Tae Kwon Do Pioneers: Grand Master C. K. Choi Retrieved on 5 January 2010.</ref><ref name="Park1993">Park, S. H. (1993): "About the author." In H. H. Choi: Taekwon-Do: The Korean art of self-defence, 3rd ed. (Vol. 1, pp. 241–274). Mississauga: International Taekwon-Do Federation.</ref><ref name="WTAChoi">World Taekwon-Do Alliance: Grand Master C. K. Choi Retrieved on 5 January 2010.</ref><ref name="Hawkins2005">Hawkins, P. (2005): An interview with Grandmaster C. K. Choi Totally Tae Kwon Do, 4:6–13.</ref><ref name="PioneersChoiCK">Pioneers of Taekwon-Do: Grand Master Choi Chang Keun Retrieved on 13 January 2010.</ref> and one of the twelve original masters of taekwondo of the Korea Taekwon-Do Association.<ref name="ITF1972">Choi, H. H. (1972): Taekwon-Do: The Korean art of self-defence. Mississauga: International Taekwon-Do Federation.</ref><ref name="OriginalMasters">A tribute to the original masters (c. 2007). Retrieved on 13 June 2007; link has expired, as at 1 July 2011.</ref> Following a career in the South Korean military, Choi emigrated to Canada in 1969, where he continues to teach his martial art.

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