How is Mexico going to pay for the wall?::Candidate Trump Meets Mexican President


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How is Mexico going to pay for the wall? How is Trump going to get the Mexican president to pay for the wall between Mexico and the U.S.?

First Trump can leverage large deportations procedure and the cost to Mexico to rehabilitate Mexican citizens who lack the motivation to work and live in their home country. It’s the responsibility of governments to officially handle citizens deported from another party back to their homeland.

Second Trump might use the “We’ll build a wall between the U.S. And Mexico and we’ll have Mexico pay for it” as leverage to bring to the negotiation table. It’s a popular negotiation technique to ask more than you want at first, so finally when you get less you are satisfied, it’s all you wanted in the first place. Technique popular in Union negotiations, where you ask for an unreasonable demand, only to be satisfied by a lower, reasonable one.

After all if Mexico only paid  a portion of it it would make Trump true to his words. “To get Mexico to pay for it” doesn’t mean Mexicans will pay for it fully.

Last , the international law and american’s powerful lawyers can put the legislative gun on Mexico’s government. It’s the Mexican government’s responsibility to regulate the travel of his citizens. If are complacent and laissez-faire, it will be lawfully represent an invasion. For the United States to prove that it is an invasion, would stir more popular U.S. support towards enforcing deportation proceedings of illegal aliens back to Mexico.

In form, Donald Trump has Mexico’s card well played. He surely can get what Americans want. More jobs for legal residents of the U.S. and its citizens.

Illegal Aliens Exclusive Job Rights

Hillary Clinton does not emphasize the illegal immigration the problem as much as Trump resonates with popular sentiment.

After all, it’s impossible for legal low wage workers to find a decent job in states such as California, Arizona, and New Mexico. During the job interview process, showing your illegibility to work is a red flag to NOT hire you. Indeed these places like fast food chains McDonald’s and Wendy’s are renowned within the hispanic community and low wage workers as illegal friendly. It’s not just illegal alien friendly, it’s Illegal Aliens Exclusivity for low wage entry jobs. If you get hired and you are the only person on the floor to have a work permit. First you will be outcast if not a candidate to be a whistle blower if anything goes wrong at the workplace. Because employers know that and want to protect their existing workforce, they do not hire anybody that has a work permit in their illegally laden workforce.

Now we can be sure powerful international corporations such as McDonald’s would make sure to have its hands and money invested in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and overall politics. If Trump came to power, what all people of the lower class know, what Trump knows, will surface. Then McDonald’s might be up to lawsuit to have allowed and encouraged by looking the other way by its low wage worker’s legibility to work.

Why do Mc Donald’s and Wendy’s franchises tolerate hiring of illegal citizens? Because by law it’s not the headquarter’s responsibility but the franchisee’s. Of course years and years of filling the pockets of politicians pockets to make sure these laws remain in place have contributed a lot to this status-quo of the politic of the ostrich. Put your head in a hole and the problem disappears.

The problem however is back to the surface with Trump. Trump speaks people’s mind. He scares big corporations, he scares McDonald’s. He scares institutions, he scares Obama, the Federal reserve, and all with dirty little secrets of complacency, profit above a nation’s core value, laissez-faire and other no-balls executive policies.

Because it takes a good man to say that’s not right. A man who don’t speak up for what’s true, lawful and fair, is not a good man, is not even a man yet.

It’s time for the U.S. to embrace manhood, our lovely america is not a young country any longer. It needs to grow. Harv Eker, author of bestseller - the millionaire mind - said : ’You either grow or you die’.

A millionaire mind is what we need, someone who can make gold out of our American values. American stepped on the moon for mankind, now it’s time to step on our comfort zone and push it back.

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How is Mexico going to pay for the wall?
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