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And Justice For All Unfortunately these very institutions like Justice are infected with political corruption, including corruption from the police itself.

I remember when I was new in Los Angeles in 2001. for the first time. I went for a bicycle ride on Venice Beach like I had seen done in an american movie or TV series. Unfortunately I was not aware that it was illegal to drive a bicycle on Venice beach. So I was asked to put my hands on the burning hood of the police car, engine running under the summer Los Angeles sky. Next thing you know I had a citation to go to court. I went there, I told the Judge that the hands on the burning hood was traumatizing, but before I explain the torture, the officer in the room, turned towards the Judge in an intimidating manner. The judge, as we was about to consider what I had to say, looked down in a submissive manner and went on with a guilty sentence.

This behavior of politics taking over justice had to stop. It’s up to the justice department to realize that police officers are not their coworkers, they are not their friends, they are there as the arm of the law. A Justice that is scared of its hands is not growing, it’s dead.

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And Justice For All
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