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{{ safesubst:#invoke:Unsubst||$N=Use dmy dates |date=__DATE__ |$B= }} {{ safesubst:#invoke:Unsubst||$N=Use British English |date=__DATE__ |$B= }} Cambuslang Football Club was a Scottish football club, based in the Cambuslang area of Glasgow. Cambuslang was one of the founding members of the Scottish Football League, but left the league after just two seasons.<ref name = "Crampsey293"></ref>

The club was founded in 1874 The new football club was named Excelsior with a pitch being laid out in Cambuslang Public Park known locally as Bogshole Park.

The new club were challenged by the lads from up the hill from the village of Halfway to play for the right to call themselves Cambuslang so the Excelsior team went to Halfway and in their first match hammered the lads from Halfway at Clyde Street Park by the scoreline of 6-0 and from then on the Excelsior named were scratched and Cambuslang and Athletic Football Club were formed.

In 1879 at a meeting at the Cross Hotel in Hamilton the secretary of Cambuslang was joined by the secretary's of Airdrie, Airdriehill, Drumpellier, Hamilton Academicals, Glengowan, Clydebank, Uddingston, West Benhar, Benhar and Stonelaw where it was agreed that each club would pay 10 shillings (50p) towards a county cup and the new district would be known as the Lanarkshire County Football Association and they would win the Lanarkshire Cup on two occasions and runners up four times before falling out with the Lanarkshire Football Association and joine Glasgow Football Association for 1887/88 season It reached the Scottish Cup Final in 1888, having beaten Abercorn 10–1 in the semi-finals with a goal from Billy mortimer. They won the inaugural Glasgow Cup in the same year. Cambuslang joined the Scottish Football League at its inauguration in 1890 and finished fourth in the 1890–91 season.<ref name = "Crampsey293"/> The club finished last in the eleven team league in 1891–92, however, and did not seek re-election to the League.<ref name = "Crampsey293"/> They made no effort to re-join the League when it added a Second Division.<ref name = "Crampsey293"/>

The Junior team Cambuslang Rangers have nothing whatsoever to do with the former defunct club but they shared the ground for the first year in 1896/97 before moving on they were called Cambuslang Rovers from 1896 - 1899 before changing to Rangers in 1899 (they were a merger of three local Junior teams), the other junior side was Cambuslang Hibernian who were formed in 1884 and used Bogshole later renamed Mains Park.

Cambuslang's demise came at the end of the 1896/97 playing in the Scottish Alliance League.

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