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Early life Moran's Irish father is a one-time "drummer and psychedelic rock pioneer" who became "confined to the sofa by osteoarthritis".<ref>Aida Edemariam "The Saturday interview: Caitlin Moran", The Guardian, 18 June 2011</ref> She is the eldest of eight children and has four sisters and three brothers. She was born in Brighton and then lived in a three-bedroom council house in Wolverhampton with her parents and seven siblings, an experience she described as akin to The Hunger Games.<ref name=TEEN>BBC Radio 4: "My Teenage Diary", First Broadcast 6:30PM Wed, 4 Jul 2012</ref> She attended Springdale Junior School and was then educated at home from the age of 11, having attended secondary school for only three weeks.<ref>The Times 2, p2. 28 December 2011</ref>

Moran and her siblings received no proper formal education from their parents during this time; the local council allowed them to do so, as they were "the only hippies in Wolverhampton".<ref name=TEEN/> The children frequently occupied their time with simple games, such as throwing mud at their house.<ref name=TEEN/> Moran describes her childhood as happy but revealed she left home as soon as she was able, at age 18.<ref name=TEEN/>

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