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CTV Two Atlantic is a Canadian English language cable television channel serving Atlantic Canada owned by Bell Media, with its studios located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is owned by Bell Media, and operates as a de facto owned-and-operated station of its secondary CTV Two television system.

The channel launched as the Atlantic Satellite Network (or ASN) in 1983. It is designated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as a "satellite-to-cable television programming undertaking," defined as a local television channel available in the region on basic cable television, and now throughout Canada on many digital cable systems and satellite television, but without any terrestrial transmitters (a small number of other channels, mainly educational broadcasters, are similarly designated). The channel does not appear to have mandatory cable carriage rights,<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }} (emphasis added)</ref> although nearly all cable systems in the region offer it. Nonetheless, it has full simultaneous substitution rights in the Atlantic provinces, whereas most non-broadcast channels do not.

Prior to fall 2008, the channel had received much of its programming from CHUM Limited's Citytv (now owned by Rogers Media) and A-Channel (now CTV Two) systems, which did not operate in the region; beginning in the early 2000s, timeshifted CTV programs often aired on the channel as well. CTV acquired CHUM (excluding Citytv) in 2007, and ASN merged with the relaunched A system on August 11, 2008.<ref>"A New Beginning: Fresh New Look for A Unveiled Today", CTVglobemedia press release, August 11, 2008.</ref>

CTV Two Atlantic can be found on EastLink TV channel 7, and Bell Aliant TV channel 5. There is also an HD feed on EastLink TV channel 606.

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