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Marriage and death Leslie married Elnora "Nora" Cast in Napa, California on November 6, 1913. When he was married, Leslie gave his occupation as miner.<ref name="Health 1913"/> At age 74 on May 20, 1916, Leslie was in Seattle where he was interviewed by a reporter from the Seattle Daily Times about a trip he was planning to Mexico.<ref>Seattle Daily Times, Sunday, May 21, 1916. </ref> Leslie was living in Sausalito, California on Water Street on January 27, 1920. He was 77 years old and single. No public records of him have been found after this date and it's not known when he died.<ref>1920 United States Federal Census, January 27, 1920. Sausalito, Marin County, California. Enumerated by Harry J. Thomas.</ref>

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Marriage and death
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