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Broadcast is the debut album from the English pop/rock band Cutting Crew, released in 1986. It reached #16 on the US charts and #41 on the UK charts. The album was released in Europe with different packaging 8 months before it was released in America. For the American version, 4 tracks were remixed ("Any Colour", "One for the Mockingbird", "I've Been in Love Before" and "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"), all of which were the singles from the album. The current American CD in print is the European version but with the American packaging. It was the first album to be released in the United States by Virgin Records' new American imprint, Virgin Records America.

Broadcast was re-released by Cherry Red Records on May 24, 2010, with bonus tracks including for the 1st time ever on CD "For The Longest Time", the b-side of "(I Just) Died In Your Arms".

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