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Non-commissioned rank Brigadier also exists as a non-commissioned rank. This usage derives from the use of "brigade" to denote a squad or team, similar to the occasional English civilian usage "work brigade".


In France, and some countries whose forces were structured based on the method used in France, some branches of the army and the gendarmerie use brigadier for a rank equivalent to caporal (corporal), and brigadier-chef for a rank equivalent to caporal-chef. Brigadier is used by arms of the army that are by tradition considered "mounted" arms, such as logistics or cavalry units. A similar usage exists elsewhere.

In the French gendamerie, the brigadier ranks are used as in the army, i.e. as junior enlisted ranks (gradés), while the French police use brigadier ranks as their sub-officer (sous-officier) ranks. Since all professional police and gendarmes have sub-officer status in France, the gendarmerie brigadier ranks are rarely used, since they are used only by auxiliaries. On the other hand, the police brigadier ranks, which are used to indicate professional ranks, are common.

In the French gendarmerie and in "mounted" arms of the French army, the brigadier ranks are:

  • Brigadier (brigadier) (OR-3)
  • Brigadier-chef (chief brigadier) (OR-4)

In the French National Police, the sub-officer variations are used for non-commissioned officers are:

  • Sous-brigadier (OR-6, equal to gendarmerie maréchal-des-logis-chef)
  • Brigadier (OR-8, equal to gendarmerie adjudant)
  • Brigadier-chef (OR-9, equal to gendarmerie adjudant-chef)
  • Brigadier-major (OR-9, equal to gendarmerie major)


In the Italian Carabiniers and Guardia di Finanza, the ranks of vice-brigadier (vice brigadiere), brigadier (brigadiere), and chief brigadier (brigadiere capo) correspond roughly to the army ranks based on sergeant. The rank of brigade general (generale di brigata) is used throughout the armed forces as the most junior general rank, and corresponds to the British rank title of brigadier.


In Spain, a brigada has a NATO rank code of OR-8 (and is thus a senior NCO). The Spanish rank brigada is distinct from the Spanish-language brigadier [-general] used for senior officers in Latin America (and historically in Spain).


Brigadier is traditionally the most senior non-commissioned rank in some Netherlands police forces, for example the Korps landelijke politiediensten and Gemeentepolitie. The rank has been continued by the National Police Corps (Korps Nationale Politie) into which the previous forces merged in 2013. The Royal Marechaussee do not use this rank.


Brigadier ranks are used as police junior leader ranks in the Indonesian National Police, derived from the Dutch use. The brigadier ranks are above agent (in Indonesian "bhayangkara") ranks and below assistant inspector (in Indonesian "Ajun Inspektur") ranks. There are four brigadir ranks.

  • Brigadir Polisi Kepala, abbreviated Bripka (Chief Police Brigadier)
  • Brigadir Polisi, not abbreviated (Police Brigadier)
  • Brigadir Polisi Satu, abbreviated Briptu (First Police Brigadier)
  • Brigadir Polisi Dua, abbreviated Bripda (Second Police Brigadier)

In addition, Police Brigadier General (Brigadir Jenderal Polisi) and Brigadier General (Brigadir Jenderal) are general officer ranks in the Indonesian police and army respectively.

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