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Brian Reade (born 20 November 1957 in Liverpool) is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author who has two weekly opinion columns, one on sports, for the Daily Mirror. He was born in Wavertree and grew up in Huyton.

He began his journalism career working on the Reading Evening Post in 1980 and became a columnist on the Liverpool Echo in 1990 before moving to the Mirror in 1994.

He was named Columnist of The Year at The British Press Awards in 2000 and was Highly Commended in the same category in 2015. He was named Sports Columnist of The Year in the Sports Journalism Awards of 2004 and received the prestigious Cudlipp Award for Journalistic Excellence at the 2013 British Press Awards in recognition of leading the two-decade-long Daily Mirror Hillsborough campaign for justice.

In the aftermath of the 2004 US elections in which George W Bush was re-elected for a further term, he penned a damning indictment of Bush and the US electorate, God Help America.<ref>God Help America</ref>

In 2008, he became a presenter on radio station City Talk 105.9 and released his first book, entitled 43 Years with the Same Bird, documenting his life spent following Liverpool F.C..

In 2011, he released the book An Epic Swindle<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=news }}</ref> which made the Sunday Times Top Ten best-sellers list and reached Number One in Amazon's best-sellers chart. He is a regular panellist on the Radio 5 Live show Fighting Talk

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