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Track listing

LP Side one

  1. Scratch My Back - 3:23 (J.Moore aka Slim Harpo)
  2. Black Cat Bone - 2:36 (Lee Roy Little)
  3. Gladly - 2:40 (Charles Walker)
  4. Decoration - 3:10 (Sonny Boy Williamson)
  5. I'm A Good Man But A Poor Man - 2:18 (Cecil Gant/Lee Roy Little)
  6. Juice Head Woman - 4:09 (Eddie Vinson/L. Zito)

LP Side two

  1. Bluebird’s Blues (Medley) a.Bluebird b.Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Poor Me c.Your Evil Thoughts d.Hurry Baby, Please Come Home - 7:23 (Lee Roy Little)
  2. Fast, Fast, Women and A Slow Race Horse - 3:43 (Charles Walker/Sonny Moore)
  3. It's Changin' Time - 4:32 (Ann Yancey/Bill Dicey)
  4. Meeting You - 5:40 (Charles Walker)

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Track listing
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