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Release Blues from the Apple was released in late 1974. It was the least successful album in Oblivion's short history. Even blues speciality publications ignored the record, in part, speculated the label's owners, because of the incongruous mix of New York City and blues. The album went out of print after its first pressing of 1000 copies.<ref name="tumblrpost2"/>

Currently, there are free MP3s of the LP at the official Oblivion Records archive blog, and downloads and streaming are available at iTunes, MOG (online music), Rhapsody (online music service), Spotify, and, among others.

Release formats:

Packaging, album cover, and labelss

On the 1st (and only) pressing of 1000 copies the cover sleeve consisted of very thick cardboard outer sleeve and the 12" vinyl record was protected with a white paper album liner printed with lyrics.

The cover illustration (of an electric guitar playing Statue of Liberty standing on an eaten apple core) and design was by Frank Olinsky,<ref>Frank Olinsky & The Blues. The Oblivion Records Blog</ref> soon to be one of the designers of the MTV logo,<ref>MTV Logo Story</ref> and a major label album designer for bands that included The Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth.<ref></ref> Photographs are credited to Christine Pomposello, Tom Pomposello, Roy Langbord, John Dunn and Fred Seibert,<ref name="tumblerpost1"/> graphics to "The Oblivionettes" (Seibert)<ref>Design in Oblivion. The Oblivion Records Blog</ref> Both sides of the LP labels were printed in the same brown and blue<ref>Record labels.The Oblivion Records Blog</ref> picked up from the album cover.

Sleeve notes

The liner notes were credited to Oblivion partner Dick Pennington, though the Oblivion blog attributes most of the actual research and writing to producer Pomposello.<ref name="tumblrpost3">Liner notes, Blues from the Apple. The Oblivion Records Blog</ref>

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