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}} This is intended to be as comprehensive as possible list of encyclopedias and encyclopedic/biographical dictionaries ever published in any language. The list will not include reprinted editions but it is intended to list an alphabetical bibliography by theme and language to anything which resembles an A-Z encyclopedia or encyclopedic dictionary, both print and online. Entries are in the English language unless specifically stated as otherwise. Several entries may overlap and be listed under several different topics. For a simple list without bibliographic information see Lists of encyclopedias.

Bibliography of encyclopedias sections
Intro  Archaeology  Architecture and architects  Area studies  Art  Aviation  Biography (general)  Books, publishing, and printing  Business, information and economics  Cuisine  Dogs  Education  Fashion and clothing  Film, radio, television and mass communications   General reference   Genealogy  Government  History  Human sexuality, reproduction, and child care  Labour and Industrial Relations  Language and linguistics  Libraries and information science  Literature  Maritime and Nautical  Mathematics  Meteorological  Music and dance  Mythology  Organizations  Parapsychology and the occult  Philology  Philosophy  Religion  Science and technology  Social sciences  Speech and rhetoric  Sports and games  Technology and engineering  Warfare   Citations    References   

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