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Date Opponent Site Result Overall record
Oct. 1 TCU Waco, Texas T 0–0 17–11–5
Oct. 15 Texas A&M Waco, Texas L 5–0 17–12–5
Oct. 22 Trinity University Waco, Texas L 22–0 17–13–5
Nov. 31 Arkansas Waco, Texas W 17–6 18–13–5
Nov. 5 Texas A&M Waco, Texas L 10–0 18–14–5
Nov. 12 TCU Waco, Texas W 17–0 19–14–5
Nov. 19 at Texas Austin, Texas L 58–0 19–15–5
Nov. 24 TCU Waco, Texas (Thanksgiving) L 5–0 19–16–5
All times are in Central Time.

1904 was the first year in which Baylor's first six football games were at home.<ref name="home" />

Sol Metzger was brought to Baylor following successes with his previous football teams as both player and captain. At Andover, "the leading preparatory school of the East" at the time, he played two years of football. He subsequently attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he was selected as captain of the freshman football team; after two years of varsity football, the senior was selected as captain of the varsity team and graduated with honor from Penn.

In March 1904, the Southwestern Intercollegiate Athletic Association was formed, encompassing:

"the States of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and the Territories of New Mexico, Oklahoma and the Indian Territory. Nearly every important institution within this district is either now a member or has signified its intention of joining in the near future."

Following the season, Lester, a right tackle for Baylor, was selected to the All Southwestern football team as a substitute, and center Townes was noted as the greatest rival in the Southwest to Texas's center Glascock.

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