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The double bind in news The double bind works like that: The jewish snake is held back to his pit hole by the light of the nazi swastika.

The jewish snake is put behind bars of the dollar sign, weakened by nazis. The nazi's swastika is inverted, weakened by the jewish snake point of view from the shadows.

The news are jewish owned and controlled. So any light coming from the Nazis will be inverted. Hitler had little regard for the jews. Forget what you know from the inverted view of the world you were fed with.

Nazis are extremely bound to truth. Hitler loved the power of the state so much he had to declare war on the United States.

Hitler had to do it to maintain a clear State.

At this time of history, on December 11, 1941, the U.S. were a neutral nation.

As such, the U.S. were left uncontrolled to do business with England. US ships had freedom of navigation to England.

Since England was in war with Germany, it was clear that Germany would not have tolerated what the U.S. commercial ship did. Sell weaponry and ammunitions to England.

When it was discovered, Hitler straightened out the books. The state was clear: The United States was not neutral. Simply hypocritical.

So war was declared on the United States of America.

Later on... the Nazis were demonized. So the jews would remain associated with victims.

A victory for victimhood. A victory fo strong states.

Strong states are terrifying. Not because they are ruled by dictators, but because they are unlocking the power within us. We are extremely powerful people. Strong states are usually unsurmountable.

China is rising as a strong state. Russia has a strong state.

The United States need the Nazis to put the U.S. up to par.

It's a cycle, it will keep happening as long as the jews are not remaining behind their dollar sign bars.

It will keep happening as long as the Nazis will keep de-inverting their swastika.

This Nazi-Jewish power is in double bind to remain strong under any situation. Not only strong, but flexible to the demands of time.

Now with Bannon leaving Breitbart, viewed by jews and media as a relief. It's really in a non-inverted world one good thing:

The republican party is stronger. The populists made the news. Bannon can retire happily. The Nazis are integrated again back to their inverted sun (they are back as evil, instead of light)

The jews are back behind their snake bars. Snake don't remain long behind bars. They are usually boxed in.

When the jews are boxed in. That would be a strong state, but it would lack human...victim consciousness, humanity really.

It would be like a China, or a Russia.

It wouldn't be like the greatest country of all. The United States of America.

Thank you Mr Steve Bannon for your service, your sacrifice and your light.

As Hitler you may go down as another Evil.

The jews as yet another one.

But in the end, united we stand.

It's hell. but a better hell is yet to become manifest.

Surely a strong state can be demonstrated by North Korea.

Surely a victim state can be demonstrated by Greece.

But when a strong and victim state can be demonstrated over and over again. And sustain itself as a nation...demonstrate flexibility, humanity and apparent freedom.

It's too bad it comes at a high cost:

The mind is in hell. Stress levels are high. Truth is out the window.

That's the cost of power.

Fuck it all. Bannon, love you for sharing your truth. It will be defamed. You were not the first.

A better world would follow if the jews were out of the window, not the truth.

But people don't want truth, as much as they want blood.

So here you have it.

Blood for Bannon.

The wise will buy his book, and educate himself about our monsters in history.

They are just reflecting one we are doing to our mind.

A monstrosity of complex double binds, reinforced by an invasion of lies.

That's the true monster: power.

The jewish/nazi combined power. The biggest power that ever was created by human kind. The victim and the monster in bed with one another. In love with each other so as jewish offsprings are sprouting in Nazi family.

Jared Kushner was bruised by Bannon. The snake went back behind bars.

Now the Trump Administration and Breitbart were banned from sharing the light of the Swastika. It will be shadowed by the snake outlook and return to its inverted state of hypocrisy and decept. The double bind is locking in the news again. The power is restored at its full output.

Long live Bannon, long live Trump. Heroes of modern times.

One shadowed light, one truth monster, one super strong nation.
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The double bind in news
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