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Baltimore Canton/S.C./Americans The Baltimore Canton was an American soccer club based in Baltimore, Maryland that is a former member of the American Soccer League.

The team began in 1917 under the name of the True American Club. They were the first uniformed boys' team in the state and won the junior state title in the 1920–21 season. A year later they changed their affiliation to Canton. Before the 1936/37 season, the club became known as Baltimore S.C.'. After the 1941/42 season, the first Baltimore Americans folded (see below) so Baltimore S.C. took the name, Baltimore Americans, for themselves.

The Americans won the Lewis Cup in 1947.


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs National Cup
1934/35 N/A ASL 6th No playoff ?
1935/36 N/A ASL 2nd No playoff ?
1936/37 N/A ASL 2nd, American 1st Round ?
1937/38 N/A ASL 4th, American Did not qualify ?
1938/39 N/A ASL 5th, American Did not qualify ?
1939/40 N/A ASL 2nd(t) No playoff Co-champion
1940/41 N/A ASL 3rd No playoff ?
1941/42 N/A ASL 5th No playoff ?
1942/43 N/A ASL 5th No playoff ?
1943/44 N/A ASL 3rd No playoff ?
1944/45 N/A ASL 4th No playoff ?
1945/46 N/A ASL 1st Champion (no playoff) ?
1946/47 N/A ASL 4th No playoff ?
1947/48 N/A ASL 4th No playoff ?
1948/49 N/A ASL Withdrew after 3 games N/A N/A

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