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Litigation In 2002, Flames members Stallworth, Bobby Byrd, and Bobby Bennett, along with band member Fred Wesley, retained Richard Yellen, an attorney, to commence legal proceedings against James Brown for alleged non-payment of royalties. The lawsuit was filed in the New York state supreme court on October 31, 2002 and then in the Manhattan federal court. Baby Lloyd and Bobby Bennett sought $7 million, Byrd $5 million (and $2 million for his wife, singer Vicki (Anderson) Byrd) as royalties from the 1960s and 1970s.<ref>Rush G. "Bushes updating The Adams Family – Page 3 – New York Daily News." NY Daily News. November 27, 2002. Accessed November 23, 2012.</ref><ref>"James Brown." New York Times November 27, 2002.</ref> The lawsuit was dismissed because the statute of limitations had expired.<ref>"Bobby Byrd, 73; singer collaborated with James Brown – Los Angeles Times." Los Angeles Times. September 15, 2007. Accessed November 23, 2012.</ref>

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