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An authors' editor is a language professional who works "with authors to make draft texts fit for purpose".<ref name="Fit" /> He or she edits manuscripts that have been drafted by the author (or authors) but have not yet been submitted to a publisher for publication.<ref name="Shashok" /> This type of editing is called author editing, to distinguish it from other types of editing done for publishers on documents already accepted for publication: an authors' editor works "with (and, commonly, for) an author rather than for a publisher".<ref name="NegAccept" /> A term sometimes used synonymously with authors' editor is “manuscript editor” which, however, is less precise as it also refers to editors employed by scholarly journals to edit manuscripts after acceptance (in place of the term copy editor).<ref name="Iverson" />

Authors' editors usually work with academic authors, researchers and scientists writing scholarly journal articles, books and grant proposals.<ref name="Careers" /> Thus, the authors' editor facilitates the academic writing process by acting before submission or peer review. Authors' editors may also help authors revise manuscripts after peer review, but once the document is accepted for publication the collaboration ends (and other editors, for example a copy editor or production editor, take over).

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