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Zombie World of jew Supporters People acting like Zombies, ready to kill each other for a bit of money, for a TV, a car, a second car, a game station. In other words a privilege that debilitates us and make us weaker as a nation, as people.

The U.S. is not pocking at North Korea's door on their own account.

They go and do the dirty jobs of the world's mafia: Israel.

Israel is abject to anything that has value.

The jews' gold wouldn't have any value if people knew who they were and were worthy within themselves. Westerners placed their sense of worth on the outside world, and therefore suffer from insecurities and other ailments, such as mental illness.

North Koreans place the inner worth first, then it can transcend outside into wealth.

How many people in our society are rich but they got their money in questionable means? Most. Because jewdom rewards the lack of internal values and makes richer the ones with no integrity.

If you know how to turn your back on people. Have hypocrisy, you are doing the role of the jews.

Unfortunately America, the U.S, has turned against its own Christian souls to make Christians slaves of the jews. Like 2017 years ago. History repeats itself.

Heil North Korea

North Korea is the last remnant of a pure world. Where the souls of its people is guarded against corruption.

It takes a dictator to save the world in a world of widespread international corruption, where politicians are essentially hypocrites, making the work of the jews.

Jesus is one more time attacked by its own people. Kim Jung Hun is Jesus. If you can't see this guy is threatening the continental U.S. in order to defy the battleships the U.S. is sending in its periphery, you are just another drone, a product designed to execute the jewish agenda with smiles.

The jews don't care about any of us, they care about their Israel. Their people, not really, they easily devour their own people for the right price.

Most of the time, they pay others to do this.

The U.S. is not doing itself a favor by supporting Israel. It is killing itself.

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Zombie World of jew Supporters
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