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Heil Trump Of course it's an honor to meet Kim Jung Hun.

He represents integrity. More than the pope, who got lost counting money, supporting its corrupt Church, a reserve for slaves of jewdom.

Trump can't attack North Koreans, as the world did not buy that Kim Jung Un is a madman. The world is fed up of jews putrid media coverage.

Putrefaction must be fought by even more putrefaction. Fight fire with fire. Fight bullies with anti-bullies, not love.

Americans, working for jews at all cost, fed by jewish perverse thinking and distorted realities, that is the madness.

Jews always win when negativity is at play, they profit from it.

So many Americans are diagnosed with mental disease, are they really sick, or they are just unfit to be a jew's slave.

After all a jew's slave must be smiling, and do as it is told regardless of the big picture, just do your job, regardless how much other Americans will hurt in the process.

Bankers, financiers, and other money mongers. Why put the world's assets in banks? Why put the world's resources in funds? If not to control people, so they can find food where it is.... locked up behind prices. Locked up behind numbers, numbers that represent your enslavement number.

How much of a slave are you? Are you a high roller slave or a hungry slave?

The alternative is that you can be North Korean. They don't work for money, they don't work for others, they work for their nation, their people, their heritage.

You want to destroy this Israel? You will have to destroy every one of us. All of us.

Your big pharma, your big media, your big complots, politicians, ambassadors, diplomats, and all these westerners who bought into external wealth cannot take away the internal wealth of North Koreans, standing for all the world's humans to watch.

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Heil Trump
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