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Single Information "Arigatō (Sekai no Doko ni Ite mo)" is the 6th single of group, and the second for the year 2010. They recently compiled their hits from their debut until now on their first album, Jump No. 1, showing how much the ten members had grown over the years. Now their new single will mark the beginning of their next stage. The theme of the song is the word ‘thank you’ and how this is unique in every country. Even though the title is rather peaceful, the song itself will be more of a hard dance number that will show that Hey!Say!JUMP have become adults.

The single is released in both regular and a CD + DVD limited version. The CD contained the title track plus three different couplings, all with their own karaoke version, for a total of eight tracks on the single. The DVD version came out with the music video and making of the single. The Jacket designs were completely different between the two versions.

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