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Scottish Gaelic: Obar Bhrothaig{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}
Scots: Aiberbrothock{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}
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Arbroath from the south
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 Arbroath shown within Angus
Population 23,902 (2011 census)<ref></ref>
OS grid referenceNO641412
{{#invoke:String|rep| |3}}– Edinburgh  {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} SSW 
{{#invoke:String|rep| |3}}– London  {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} SSE 
Council areaAngus
Lieutenancy areaAngus
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Post town ARBROATH
Postcode district DD11
Dialling code 01241
Police Scottish
Fire Scottish
Ambulance Scottish
EU Parliament Scotland
UK ParliamentAngus
Scottish ParliamentAngus South
List of places
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Arbroath or Aberbrothock {{#invoke:IPAc-en|main}} (Scottish Gaelic: {{{1}}}{{#invoke:Category handler|main}} ) is a former royal burgh and the largest town in the council area of Angus in Scotland, and has a population of 23,902.<ref name='2001c'>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> It lies on the North Sea coast, around {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} ENE of Dundee and {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} SSW of Aberdeen.

While there is evidence for settlement of the area now occupied by the town that dates back to the Iron Age, Arbroath's history as a town begins in the High Middle Ages with the founding of Arbroath Abbey in 1178. Arbroath grew considerably during the Industrial Revolution owing to the expansion of firstly the flax and secondly the jute industries and the engineering sector. A new harbour was built in 1839 and by the 20th century, Arbroath had become one of the larger fishing ports in Scotland.

The town is notable as the home of the Declaration of Arbroath, as well as the Arbroath Smokie.<ref name="brhisabb">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> and its football team Arbroath FC holding the world record for highest number of goals in professional football match 36-0 against Aberdeen Bon Accord in the Scottish Cup in 1885.

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