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The Leadership If we don’t respect that even a leader might need to change, and therefore confess and repent the past, it would be that the U.S. is a terminator, a machine driven to execute, not to experience.

In this century of the 21st A.D. the world is looking forward to the come back of Jesus Christ.

The U.S. can adorn that role, if only it follows the scriptures, not like a machine following its own code, but like an Artificial Intelligence that learns from its prime directives, constantly forgotten in the mist of massive concepts that intertwine and associate, to the point where clarification can only be found in the original code.

Assange and Snowden brought us back the tablets of the ten commandments.

As Christian people in a nation that is officially no longer Christian, ass Obama officially stipulated.

We need to go back and address the missteps if not plain malice of our country’s executives.

When they can no longer govern a country, let the country be governed by all of us.

What people think is right. Snowden and Assange are only popular because only the elite hates them.

The elite only cares of their privileged status, well, and restriction of executive powers to their own. The media, the church, and the institutions are only concerned about self-preservation.

The highest self preservation is the preservation of our individuality and the build-up of strength of all of us together, united, the American people.
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