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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} Alden J. Blethen (December 27, 1845 – July 12, 1915) was editor in chief of the Seattle Daily Times from August 10, 1896<ref name=Boswell94p96>Boswell 1994, p. 96</ref> until his death. With others, he purchased the Seattle Daily Times, a four-page daily newspaper with a readership of around 4,000,<ref name=Boswell94p95>Boswell 1994, p. 95</ref> in 1896,<ref name=Boswell94p96/> and succeeded in turning it into a large newspaper, attaining much power and prestige in the Seattle community. In 1882, when he lived in Kansas City, Missouri, he was one of the original incorporators of the Kansas City Club.<ref name=kccbook>Jerry T. Duggan, A History of the Kansas City Club: 1882-1982 (The Kansas City Club: 1982)</ref>

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