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Etymology The word "Ajman" literally translates to the "Persians". There is little to suggest that Ajman shares homogenous Qahtanite origins with Al-Murrah and Yam. The general consensus amongst scholars is that they are the descendants of Persians who intermarried and allied with Yam and its sub-tribes, later joining the tribal confederation. Whether or not they descend from a single forefather or that they are from different ancestries is disputed amongst scholars. Some have alleged that they are descended from a Persian man named Faqeer Khorasani from Khurasan who migrated to northeastern Arabia, some link them to the remnants of the imperial Persian soldiers in Yemen who tried retaking that country from the Ethiopian empire, and others believe that they are the descendants of the Persian prisoners of war that emperor Yazegerd III placed in Al-Ahsa.<ref>.قال الملك عمر بن يوسف بن رسول ( ت 696 هـ ) في كتابه" طرفة الأصحاب في معرفة الأنساب "( ص 142 ) :" والعُجْمَان نسبتهم إلى العجم ، يقال أن جدهم فقير عجمي نجع من خرسان " .</ref><ref>ذكر أمين الريحاني ( ت 1359 هـ ) في كتابه " تاريخ نجد الحديث " ( ص 18 ، 223 ) أن في بلاد فارس من يقول أن العُجْمَان منهم .</ref><ref>.ذكر سالم الطويرقي في مقاله " أصل قبيلة العجمان " ( المجلة العربية 10/87 ) قولاً أن العجمان بقايا الجيش الفارسي الذي أمده به كسرى – ملك الفرس – سيف بن ذي يزن لاسترجاع حكم اليمن من يد الأحباش .</ref><ref>ذكر دكسون في كتابه " عرب الصحراء " ( ص 365 ) قولاً أن العُجْمَان من ذرية سجناء الحرب من العجم الذين وضعهم كسرى في الأحساء .</ref> The Solluba (Arabic: صليب, i.e., belonging to Huteimi tribes of unattested and generally obscure origins) are said to have joined this tribal confederation as well, most of whom which belong to the Al-Sulaiman clan.<ref>انساب العجمان</ref>

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