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Attractions Aiea is the home of Pearlridge, Hawaii's largest enclosed shopping center and second largest shopping center in the state. The mall is separated into two sections, known as Uptown and Downtown, and includes a monorail. There is a hospital located on mall property (Pali Momi Medical Center), and Hawaii's largest watercress farm (Sumida Farm).

Aloha Stadium, home of the [[Hawaii Warriors football|University of Hawai Warriors football team]], and the host site for the [[Hawaii Bowl|Hawai Bowl]] every Christmas Eve and the National Football League's Pro Bowl every February (except in 2009), is located in the adjacent Halawa CDP.<ref name="Halawa CDP, Hawaii">"Halawa CDP, Hawaii." U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved on May 21, 2009.</ref>

Aiea is home to Keaiwa Heiau, an ancient medicine shrine. There is a {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} loop trail. A World War II plane crashed in the trail and can be seen halfway through.

Aiea is also home to Aiea Shopping Center. The center's anchor stores include Times Supermarkets, McDonald's, Starbucks, and Jamba Juice. Aiea Chop Suey, Aiea Copy Center, Koa Pancake House, and L&L Drive inn are other businesses located in the center as well.

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