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Types of aerodromes


Soest Bad Sassendorf Airport near Soest, Germany


An airport is an aerodrome certificated for commercial flights.

Air base

Hahn Air Base, near Kirchberg, Rhein-Hunsr├╝ck, Germany


An air base is an aerodrome with significant facilities to support aircraft and crew. The term is usually reserved for military bases, but also applies to civil seaplane bases.


A private airstrip at what used to be RAF Knettishall

An airstrip is a small aerodrome that consists only of a runway with perhaps fueling equipment. They are generally in remote locations. Many airstrips (now mostly abandoned) were built on the hundreds of islands in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. A few airstrips grew to become full-fledged airbases as strategic or economic importance of a region increased over time.

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Types of aerodromes
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