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Al-Qaeda affiliation In a short period of time, Gadahn became a senior advisor to Bin Laden and was assumed to be playing the role of "translator, video producer, and cultural interpreter."<ref name="NEWYORKER" /> Gadahn declared his animosity towards the United States by declaring it "enemy soil" and praising the individuals responsible for the September 11 attacks.<ref name="NEWYORKER" /> The first production of al-Qaeda's media division, As-Sahab, was believed to have been in 2001 with the involvement of Adam Yahiye Gadahn.<ref name="family security" /> United States and British intelligence officials believe it to have been run by Gadahn,<ref name="blotter" /> although it was reported that the media production of these messages had a notable decrease in quality, possibly due to Gadahn's involvement in other tasks for Al Qaeda.<ref name="jawa dead or live" /><ref name="janes quiet american" />

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that it wanted Gadahn for questioning in 2004,<ref name="NEWYORKER"/> and on May 26, 2004, United States Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller announced that reports indicated that Gadahn was one of seven al-Qaeda members who were planning terrorist actions for the summer or fall of 2004. Gadahn's name was the only new name released by Mueller in this warning. Two of the other alleged terrorists named on that date were Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani and Fazul Abdullah Mohammed. Those two had been listed as FBI Most Wanted Terrorists since 2001, indicted for their roles in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. The others, Amer el-Maati, Aafia Siddiqui, Abderraouf Jdey, and Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah had all been on FBI wanted lists for some time. Jdey had been on the FBI's "Seeking Information" wanted list since January 17, 2002, to which Gadahn was added with the other three as well.<ref name="ashcroft" />

In a 2005 video, Gadahn threatened to attack Los Angeles, for which the United States Department of Justice "indicted him under seal for providing material support to Al Qaeda".<ref name="NEWYORKER"/> As an introduction to the "An Introduction to Islam" video in 2006, Zawahiri encouraged westerners to heed Gadahn's message and praised Gadahn as "a perceptive person who wants to lead his people out of darkness into the light"; "Al Qaeda had never before given one of its members, let alone an American, an endorsement so intimate and direct."<ref name="NEWYORKER" /> As a result of the contents of the "Invitation" video, he was charged with treason because "[h]e chose to join our enemy and to provide it with aid and comfort by acting as a propagandist for Al Qaeda," as Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty explained.<ref name="NEWYORKER"/> He was also placed on the FBI's most wanted list and a million dollar reward was offered for his capture.<ref name="NEWYORKER"/> McNulty explained the severity of Gadahn's crimes: "Terrorists create fear and intimidation through extreme violence. They want Americans to live and walk in fear. They want to demoralize us. That’s why propaganda is so important to them, and why facilitating that propaganda is such an egregious crime."<ref name="NEWYORKER"/>

On propaganda and terrorism, Gadahn criticized specific “jihadi” groups, such as Tehrik-i-Taliban, al-Shabaab, and the Islamic State, for the killing of Muslim non-combatant civilians, which be believed undermined Al-Qaeda's media strategy and objectives.<ref>{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref>

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