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Death Soon after their marriage 'Abdullāh was called to Palestine and al-Shām (present day Syria) on a trading caravan trip. When he left Āminah was pregnant. 'Abdullāh was absent for several months in Gaza. On his way back he stopped for a longer rest with the family of his maternal grandmother (Sahrah bint Tahmūr ibn 'Ubayd ibn Qusayy) in Madīnah, where his maternal uncles also lived. He was preparing to join a caravan to Makkah when he fell ill.

The caravan went on without him to Makkah with news of his absence and disease. 'Abdul-Muttalib immediately sent his eldest son Hārith to Madīnah in order to accompany 'Abdullāh on the trip back to Makkah after his recovery. However upon arriving at Madīnah Ḥārith learned that his brother had died and that he had been buried there a month after the start of that same caravan to Makkah. Harith returned to Makkah to announce the death of `Abdullāh to his aged father and his bereaved wife Āminah.<ref>Armstrong, Karen. Muhammad : A Biography of the Prophet. HarperSanFrancisco: San Francisco, 1993. ISBN 0-06-250886-5</ref>

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