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{{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} Abdallah Laroui ( born November 7, 1933, in Azemmour) (Arabic: عبدالله العروي) is a Moroccan historian and novelist writing in Arabic and French. He is considered one of Morocco's leading intellectuals.<ref>Jean Jacques Waardenburg, Islam: historical, social, and political perspectives, Walter de Gruyter, 2002, p.145-147</ref><ref>Youssef M. Choueiri, Arab history and the nation-state: a study in modern Arab historiography, Routledge, 1989, p.165</ref>

Laroui taught at the University Mohammed V in Rabat until 2000. He has written five novels (o.a. L’Exil (Sindbad-Actes Sud, 1998)).<ref>Salim Jay, Dictionnaire des écrivains marocains, Eddif, 2005 , pp 243-244</ref>

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