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Analysis of Poem In this poem, the titular boy is persecuted because he had doubts with his religion and then the priest presented him and his parents and him wept, but for different reasons. He then was murdered for thinking he is the divine and not God and that he thinks love should be equal which the priest or holy figure can not figure out.<ref name="Katherine Montweiler">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> As the poem progresses, the father and family weep for the boy. The poem has three relationship, one between the father and son, then between the father and priest, and then God and the son. Katherine Montweiller interprets these relationships within religious metaphors: one is that the real father is the priest and trying to play the act of God. The boy just wants a universal love versus a self-love.<ref name="Katherine Montweiler"/>

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Analysis of Poem
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