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Usage To use ANSI.SYS under DOS, a line is added to the CONFIG.SYS (or CONFIG.NT under Windows NT based versions of Windows) file that reads:

DEVICE=drive:\path\ANSI.SYS options

where drive: and path are the drive letter and path to the directory in which the file ANSI.SYS is found, and options can be a number of optional switches to control the behaviour. ANSI.SYS may also be loaded into upper memory via DEVICEHIGH/HIDEVICE.

  • /K use extended keyboard BIOS functions (INT 16h) rather than standard ones
  • /L force number of lines
  • /R adjust line scrolling to support screen readers
  • /S or /SCREENSIZE set screensize
  • /X support redefinition of extended key codes independent of standard codes

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