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In sports

  • In association football in almost all leagues, and in the group phases of most international competitions, three competition points are awarded for a win.
  • In Gaelic football, hurling and camogie, a "goal", with a scoring value of three, is awarded when the attacking team legally sends the ball into the opponent's goal.
  • In baseball, three is the number of strikes before the batter is out and the number of outs per side per inning; in scorekeeping, "3" denotes the first baseman.
  • In basketball:
    • A shot made from behind the three-point arc is worth three points (except in the 3x3 variant, in which it is worth two points).
    • A potential "three-point play" exists when a player is fouled while successfully completing a two-point field goal, thus being awarded one additional free throw attempt.
    • On offense, the "three-second rule" states that an offensive player cannot remain in the opponent's free-throw lane for more than three seconds while his team is in possession of the ball and the clock is running.
    • In the NBA only, the defensive three-second violation, also known as "illegal defense", states that a defensive player cannot remain in his own free-throw lane for more than three seconds unless he is actively guarding an offensive player.
    • The "3 position" is the small forward.
  • In gridiron football, a field goal is a scoring play in which a kicker kicks the football from behind the line of scrimmage through the goalposts on the opponent's side of the field. This play, if successful, is worth three points.
  • A hat trick in sports is associated with succeeding at anything three times in three consecutive attempts, as well as when any player in ice hockey or soccer scores three goals in one game (whether or not in succession). In cricket, if a bowler takes three wickets in a row it is called a hat trick.
  • A "threepeat" is a term for winning three consecutive championships.
  • A triathlon consists of three events: swimming, bicycling, and running.
  • A pin (professional wrestling) in professional wrestling is when one's shoulders are held the opponent's shoulders against the mat for a count of three.
  • NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Sr. drove under number 3 for most of his career for car owner Richard Childress.

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