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3 as a resin identification code, used in recycling.
  • 3, polyvinyl chloride's resin identification code used in recycling
  • DVD region code 3, used for many East Asian countries (except for Japan (Region 2) and China (Region 6))

Similar glyphs

  • Open-mid central unrounded vowel, ɜ, of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), used in Cherokee and some English pronunciation
  • Ezh (letter), Ʒ, a symbol for dram
  • ℨ, a symbol for dram (unit) and Gothic font letter Z
  • Yogh or Ȝ, letter used in Middle English and Middle Scots
  • Gyfu or Gar (rune) Anglo Saxon runes transliterated as ȝ
  • Ze (Cyrillic) or З, eleventh letter of Kazakh, tenth letter of Ukrainian, Dungan, ninth letter of Russian, Belarusian, Uzbek, Serbo-Croatian, Mongolian, eighth letter of Bulgarian and Kyrgyz alphabets; and Cyrillic numeral 7
  • E (Cyrillic) or Э, fortieth letter of Kazakh, thirty-fifth letter of Dungan, thirty-third letter of Mongolian, thirty-first letter of Russian, thirtieth letter of Belarusian, twenty-eighth letter of Kyrgyz, and twenty-seventh letter of Uzbek alphabets
  • Abkhazian Dze or Ӡ, nineteenth letter of Abkhazian Cyrillic script alphabet
  • Ro (kana) or ろ, in hiragana Japanese script
  • Da̰ dwé or ဒ, nineteenth letter of Burmese alphabet
  • Vin or ვ, sixth letter of Georgian alphabet and Georgian numeral 6
  • Kan or კ, eleventh letter of Georgian alphabet and Georgian numeral 20
  • Par or პ, seventeenth letter of Georgian alphabet and Georgian numeral 80
  • Vie or ჳ, obsolete twenty-second letter of Georgian alphabet
  • Hi or Յ, twenty-first letter of Armenian alphabet and Armenian numeral 300
  • ౩, Telugu alphabet numeral 3
  • ૩, Gujarati alphabet numeral 3
  • ३, Devanagari numeral 3
  • ੩, Gurmukhī alphabet numeral 3
  • ༣, Tibetan alphabet numeral 3

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