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  • 9 March: Fireside chat: On the Reorganization of the Judiciary.
  • 14 March: The beginning of the Jack Benny - Fred Allen 12-year "feud" begins, when both comedians participate in "The Battle of the Century" at the Hotel Pierre.
  • 6 May: The Hindenburg disaster takes place in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Herbert Morrison was assigned by NBC Red affiliate WLS (AM) in Chicago to cover the event; as he had no ability to broadcast the landing of the zeppelin live, he and his engineer decided to record it as an experiment. The ensuing transcription (including the now-famous "Oh, the humanity" idiom) aired on the NBC Red Network the next day, a first for the network given that NBC's policy at the time forbade the use of prerecorded news actualities.
  • 12 October: Fireside chat: On Legislation to be Recommended to the Extraordinary Session of the Congress.
  • 14 November: Fireside chat: On the Unemployment Census.
  • 12 December: Mae West makes a risqué guest appearance on The Chase and Sanborn Hour that eventually results in her being banned from radio.

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