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Season summary

Galveston in 1871

The Atlantic hurricane database (HURDAT) recognizes eight tropical cyclones for the 1871 season. Two were tropical storms and six were hurricanes, with winds of 75 mph (119 km/h) or greater.Tropical Storm One traveled from south of Florida on June 1 to make landfall near Houston, Texas before dissipating further inland. The second tropical storm of the season also made landfall near Houston. Both storms caused considerable damage in Galveston and brought flooding to New Orleans. The third cyclone of the season, and the first hurricane, traveled west from the Bahamas to make landfall in central Florida.It passed through Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and out into the Atlantic.There it looped back and made landfall in Georgia as a tropical storm.Hurricane Four, the second hurricane of the season, started as a tropical storm west of Cape Verde.It crossed the Atlantic to make landfall, first in the Lesser Antilles,then in the Bahamas and then Florida before crossing the Florida peninsula into the Atlantic.Hurricane Five was a Category 2 hurricane,active between August 30 and September 2, that did not make landfall anywhere.Hurricane Six was a Category one hurricane that traveled from the Gulf of Mexico across Florida between September 5 and September 8.Hurricane Seven developed from a tropical storm, which was first seen in the Bay of Campeche on September 30.It strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane as it traveled off the Texas coast but weakened back to a tropical storm before crossing the Florida peninsula.This cyclone was responsible for numerous shipwrecks.Hurricane Eight, the last cyclone of the season was first seen as a Category 1 hurricane on October 10, north-east of the British Virgin Islands.The hurricane traveled as far north as Nova Scotia before dissipating on October 13.

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Season summary
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