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1831 census of the Ottoman Empire was the first available population information in the West.<ref></ref> The Europeans estimates before this census, some of whom, such as William Eton,<ref>William Eton 1799 Eton's A Survey of the Turkish Empire, 2d ed. London</ref> David Urquhart,<ref>David Urquhart, 1833 Turkey and Its Resources, Its Municipal Organization and Free Trade, London</ref> Georg Hassel<ref>Georg Hassel 1805 Statischer Umriss der Sämtlichen europäischen, Braunschweig</ref> was based on their personal assumptions which in these publications claimed to be gathered from Ottoman court.Unknown extension tag "ref"

The "first" modern Ottoman census was conducted beginning in 1828/29 in both Europe and Anatolia. It was required after Auspicious Incident in 1826. Many of the old customs and procedures changed at this census. Advent of the war with Russia in 1828-1829 prevented the generalization.

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