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  • 31 May - First stone of new pier at the port of Dunleary is laid.<ref name=Chronology>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation

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  • 16 June - Poor Law Employment Act empowers the Lord Lieutenant to appoint commissioners of public works to supervise construction of public works to relieve unemployment financed by mortgages of rates.<ref name=Chronology/>
  • 17 June - First stone of Wellington Testimonial, Dublin, is laid in Phoenix Park.<ref name=Chronology/>
  • 11 July - An Act to provide for the establishment of asylums for the lunatic poor in Ireland.<ref name=Chronology/>
  • c. July - Tradesman Jeffery Sedwards establishes the Skibbereen Abstinence Society, considered the first organisation devoted to teetotalism in Europe.<ref name=Chronology/>
  • 7 August - First stone of Wellington Column is laid in Trim, County Meath.
  • 30 September - National fever committee appointed to distribute government relief<ref name=Chronology/> to victims of the typhus epidemic (October 1816–December 1819).
  • Edward O'Reilly's Irish-English Dictionary is published.

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