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  • With the Napoleonic War at its height, cricket continued to be badly impacted by the consequent loss of both manpower and investment. First-class matches had become few and far between since 1810 and only one is recorded in 1813:
  • The Nottingham Review commented: "The manly and athletic game at cricket for which the boys of Sherwood have been so long and so justly famed, it was thought, had fallen into disuse, if not disgrace...." The reference to "disgrace" is interesting for there is a view expressed by Rowland Bowen that the game had gone out of fashion in addition to the wartime problems it faced.
  • The site of Lord's Middle Ground was requisitioned by Parliament for the building of the Regent's Canal. Thomas Lord contacted the Eyre family, erstwhile owners of the ground, and persuaded them to lease to him another parcel of land in St John's Wood, about half a mile further north at a place called North Bank. This site had previously been a duckpond. In the winter of 1813–14, Lord again had his turf literally dug up and removed.

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