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12409 Bukovanská
Name Bukovanská
Designation 1995 SL3
Discoverer M. Solc
Discovery date September 28, 1995
Discovery site Klet Observatory
Orbital elements
Epoch October 27, 2007 (JDCT 2454400.5)
Eccentricity (e) 0.1810028
Semimajor axis (a) 2.4264176 AU
Perihelion (q) 1.9872292 AU
Aphelion (Q) 2.8656060 AU
Orbital period (P) 3.78 a
Inclination (i) 0.61807°
Longitude of the ascending node (Ω) 248.33749°
Argument of Perihelion (ω) 52.83760°
Mean anomaly (M) 170.35433°

12409 Bukovanská is a main belt asteroid with an orbital period of 1380.5328834 days (3.78 years).<ref name="JP: Small-body Database Browser">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> It has an average orbital speed of 19.12356126 km/s.

The asteroid was discovered on September 28, 1995, at the Klet Observatory.

This asteroid is named after Marcela Bukovanská, a research worker in meteoritics.<ref name="JP: Small-body Database Browser"/>

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