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Music Elmer Bernstein wrote the score for ¡Three Amigos! and Randy Newman wrote the songs.

  1. "Ballad of the Three Amigos"
  2. "Main Title"
  3. "Big Sneak"
  4. "My Little Buttercup"
  5. "Santo Poco"
  6. "Fiesta and Flamenco"
  7. "Guapo"
  8. "Return of the Amigos"
  9. "Blue Shadows on the Trail"
  10. "Singing Bush"
  11. "Amigos at the Mission"
  12. "Capture"
  13. "Guapo's Birthday"
  14. "Chase "
  15. "Amigos, Amigos, Amigos"
  16. "Farewell"
  17. "End Credits"

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