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Plot The story is set in an urban high school filled with adolescents who are will experience joys, sorrows, love and triumphs.

"Los Populares" is the name given to the group consisting of the most popular and rebellious students in the school. Their leader, Diego Padilla, is a casanova who makes all the girls fall in love with him. His girlfriend, Stefanie Mendoza, is the prettiest and the most spoilt girl in the school. but fate has other plans for Diego, for he will find himself falling in love with Alejandra Martínez, a brilliant and clever nerd who is new to the school. Stephanie is the complete opposite of the type of girl that Diego would normally fall in love with.

Diego approaches Alejandra and her nerd friends referred to as "Las Nerdas" with the sole purpose of seeking their assistance with his studies. However, with time, Alejandra will slowly conquer Diego's heart, and not even Stephanie with her beauty, popularity and charms can be able to stop Alejandra's and Diego's love. Alán Camacho nicknamed "Alacrán" belongs to the group "Los Alacranes" that is composed of singers. For a long time, Alan has grown jealous of Diego's popularity, and especially due to the fact that he is in love with Stephanie, though Stephanie rejected his love. Alan will set a trap for Alejandra in order to completely ruin Diego's image and reputation in the school.<ref>Sinopsis de !Que Clase de Amor: Nueva telenovela de Venevision</ref><ref>Venezuelan telenovelas-¡Qué Clase de Amor</ref><ref>La historia</ref>

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